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Why Another Burger Joint

If we were going to go in-depth about the origins of ABJ, we would need a whole hardcover book. But here is a quick summary. What started in Wollongong then expanded to Sydney and eventually north into the heart of Newcastle; was a massive expansion turn terribly bad due to pandemic and only one made it through.

Another Burger Joint in Kotara originally was a franchise and since the pandemic has gone completely independent. ABJ brand's main concept was to bring some Asian flavours into a very western staple cuisine, burgers. What started as only a handful of burgers, it was very limiting, especially in a dine-in experience. Small adaption and changes to expand the menu from originally 8 burgers to 13 have made it harder for diners to decide what to eat. The menu expands to an extensive snack menu, and delicious rice bowls too! (Be on the look-out for dessert coming soon!)

The fit-out was designed to be warm, inviting and family-friendly environment. The concept is meant to capture all ages and market. The booths for family and friends who enjoy some retro games, single tables and even high tables for dates who want to be a bit out of the action. At the back wall, we have installed a massive 3-metre projector to play all live sports for the sport rich culture that is embedded in the Newcastle locals.

ABJKotara even has a full bar menu which includes, cocktails, milkshakes, beers on tap and wine! We chose Japanese brewing companies to hold our beers on tap to make sure we stay on the theme. Our soft drink range is out of this world, we are positive that no-one has more drink selection that you could choose from. We have the classic soft drinks, Japanese sodas, Japanese ice tea and awesome novelty Ramunes. Make sure you grab something different when you are in.

As we are only a small knit team at ABJ Kotara, we only hear positive reviews about our customer service and quality of food. We can guarantee if you come more than 3 times, you will not see any unfamiliar staff. So next time, you are in make sure to strike a conversation with our staffs because we sure will remember your face and name!

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